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Monday, 6 May 2013


This post devoted to us getting the transportation sorted out.  So far i am sorted (Damo), Simmo i think flying to Melbourne to meet me at Geelong with Seano.  They will be team Lovejoy at the Masters Games before we head up Jindabyne on the 7th...


  1. As per our conversation this morn Damo, I am now the no. 4 body in the hiluxury pick up in Smelbourne on the 7th. Simmo it we should coordinate our flights so we aren't to far apart. I expect you will be flying direct from Townsville.

  2. Brock, I will be getting down earlier, so see you on the 7th

    Not sure exactly how I am going to rig things up yet, will update when I do. I will be looking into how I will go about transporting gear to Brisbane for onward trip to Melb. If I can fly with boat, probably will send sundry gear to Bris.