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Brace yourselves.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

General Banter

This post is devoted to any banter related subject that doesn't fit into other 'sensible' planning related posts.


  1. there has been some comments from the gallery about role allocation. When i allocated the roles i took into consideration the considerable consulting i did on the weekend with each of you during our one-on-ones. so there should not really be any surprises in there but feel free to discuss in this forum so we may better reflect your skill sets.

  2. Dear blogmaster - do you have a number for that guy bottom left - he's just soooo cute!

    1. yes Ado is our front man for photo opps. I'll get his agent to contact you...

  3. Some thoughts on roles for the nominated river maggots.
    Damo - I think you should be the drug supplier for the trip, judging by your 'breaking news' you have access to good quality stuff.
    Rob - I think the Putin probe is good - in the freezing weather we are likely to face, a 5 km hike over and up and down some ruggerd country will be great to warm us up. Can we also nominate Rob for videography?
    Brock - grog master - as he and Annie has a mean supply of cheap and nasty home-made rocket fuel. Also he has the knack of stashing away precious grog to ensure we are 'on the ball' the following day. Also he should be the safety officer in the local pub - to deal with red-necked yocals and tourists. + spell checker.

    More to come, need beer now, it's Friday evening!

  4. If I cant come ill arrange some hidden cameras (Rob)

  5. Dumb question, if I'm not with gooogle, what is the simplest way to get an ID around here?? Faceless man

  6. Dear blog master, I shared a tent with a tent bunny the other day at the end of a great paddling trip, one thing led to another... I now have itchy private parts, like really itchy... It started the next day. I asked my friend to have a look, but he told me he would rather paddle a G6 rapid without a paddle. I'm too embarrassed to see my doctor. Could it be scub itch or something more sinister? Pls help. Itch

  7. I agree first aid is seriously needed but on me because I just gouged my eyes out and stuck skewers in my ears to make sure I never have to read or hear anything like this again.

  8. ...introducing Ser Lovejoy, the Keep's eunich