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Monday, 6 May 2013

Accommodation Options

This post area devoted to deciding where and what house we are going to rent


  1. OK Peeps,

    Here are three options for accomodation. All of which are close to shops and stumbling distance from the pub.

    Based on 10 people (which is what it looks like at the moment) it will cost ~$130 for 7 nights accomodation in any of these three. Pretty good if you ask me.

    Check them out and let me know which you would prefer:
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3

  2. Thanks Brock. I like Option 3 then 1 but are easy on he choice.

  3. I like lucky number 28. I also like reading, long romantic walks on the beach, and a man who understands me.

  4. but don't really care, all look like varying degrees of great

  5. nope, i dont like any of these.

  6. ok if i have to then, 31 cause no one else likes it and its the highest number...

  7. Number 31 is good with wood floor , but my choice is 28. I say one that has good space for hanging up wet gear, store kayaks. One with a dryer?? One with fireplace or good heating so we can get river gear dry in the evenings!! And a big fridge. Furry


  8. howdy lads

    again, great work setting this IT system up. as comms and moral officer, I need to get cracking on a few more entries...

    I like 31. big home, fireplace, garage to sort paddling gear, large kitchen and 3 bathrooms - that's handy.

    ripper rita, seano

  9. 31, hands down. Very suitable for me to conduct my off-river trip role. We've all been very good boys and girls, gold stars all round.

  10. I should add though, on good advice from a friend of mine, don't be a rock, make like a river and flow... any of the options are good.

  11. OK well done gentlemen, its looks like we have a majority for 31 (i.e option 2). If you can all please transfer your funds as soon as possible as per Damians recent email I will then go ahead and book 31, here in to be known as SSSS HQ.

  12. I like the name SSSS HQ. This works for me.

  13. What ever happened to SSSSS?

  14. i just had another look, 28 is by far the nicest and it has another bed, that may be handy if some one rocks up to join us for a day or so, friend of seans, tim and maddy, who knows, anyway i vote for 28 yeah go 28.

  15. Gday All,

    Congratulations Jackie and Trev for the new additions to your family.

    Thanks Damian, Adam, Simmo, Sean, Trev and Jackie for accommodation payments received. This has allowed me to go ahead and pay the deposit for the SSSS HQ. So we are now firmly locked in to arrive Tues 8th Oct and depart on the Tues 15th Oct. That's 7 nights with the last night being Mon 14th, to clarify so people can sure up travel arrangements.

    The final cost (including bedding) was $1331. So there will be $31 outstanding after all accommodation costs are collected but I'll recoup it somewhere along the line. Please everyone if you spend money for group stuff keep an accurate record and pursue recompense, as I am terrible at organising the money stuff (as has recently been demonstrated).

    In the end I made an executive decision and booked number 28 (option 1) Kestrels Rest due to its storage areas and gear drying capacity.


    The balance of the cost is due by 9th August so if others could just make sure fundage is available before then. There is an excessive surcharge on credit card payments so I have payed the deposit direct debit and would like to do the same for the balance.

    Also what do people think about creating a bank for food? If people on Damo's original meals roster worked out a general meal plan then we could do a cost estimate on the shopping trip. Everyone could then contribute to the food budget before we leave for the trip, 1 ensuring the costs are evenly distributed and 2 spreading the cost implications of the trip over the greater period.

    Just an idea what do people think?

  16. lads and ladettes

    great work on the home. 28 is a fine choice and will work well.

    hey brock - re: what is the balance due by 9 aug - is it $31 total - or is there more?

    re: food bank. yep, great idea. hows we chuck a wad of money ($40 each = $440) in a kitty, then do a big food shop in Jindabyne.

  17. Gday All,

    Sean, the balance due by Aug is $659. The $31 dollars extra was ontop of the 10 x $130 because the final cost was $1331 not $1300 as anticipated.

    Reading some online sources for avg weekly food costs for an adult in Australia and they put it between $40 - 70. Based on this I think $40 dollars might be a little low, considering we are all growing lads and one young lady. Also Damian makes the good point that the cost of food in Jindabyne will be inflated.

    So what do people think about $60 each. Giving us a food budget of $600.

    I don't do the shopping much these days (thanks Annie!) but I know for 10 people for 7 nights (i.e 70 breakfasts, 70 lunches and 70 dinners...plus snacks) this is probably still pushing it.


  18. we could start with 60 and top up as required...

  19. lads

    yep happy with 60 bux if this means not running out of breakfast on day 2...ado

    er this might be better suited to the 'ssss catering' blog but while on slush funds, there is a sweet brewery near the Thredbo river, at:
    I propose we set up a mini slush fund and visit after doing the 'ski tube' run.

    ado, hippy bday for 31 may

  20. When going to sea for a couple of weeks with 6-8 people, we would budget on $15 per person per day. That paid for everything, snacks and desserts, and things like juices, yoghurts, drink stuffs, chocolate etc included and was quality food. Individual meals were planned and shopped for and there was little left over. It actually usually worked out closer to $13 but there were often existing cooking stores on the vessel.

    Having said that, we probably will eat a little more simply being out of the house and on the river.

    Considering all this and seeing as how our larder will be completely bare and starting from scratch (having to buy oil, sauces, spreads, spices, condiments etc), I suggest $12 would be a pretty fair amount.

    I therefore recommend $80 per person and see where that leaves us?

  21. Good work Simmo. That sounds like a just assessment of the situation. I second the notion of $80 and also that we should plan our evening meals at the very least. It would involve each party rostered for an eveing meal submitting a shopping list of essential ingredients for the base of the meal and quantities / volumes.

  22. Yep, nice one Brock, that's the go. It is best to have a shopping list for ingredients for each evening meal, so those cooking should submit lists. Don't forget Seano's suggestion to dress in line with the tradition that comes with the food!

    Breakfast and lunches can be calculated out by the shoppers. So it would be good for any special requests or suggestions for these meals to be posted concisesly here on the blog for all to see.

    Blogmaster, can we set a date for suggestions then have you tabulate them a couple of weeks out from the SSSS and call for final suggestions on that.

    Categories could be breakfasts, lunches, snacks, drinks/beverages, desserts.
    It's usually pretty standard (but good) fair, but suggestions are always good.

    I seems most people don't mind a bit of dessert, even if they don't admit it. Desserts are easy going the variety of combinations of Sara Lee and vanilla icecream (no crap stuff)? But have a think about it? If people would like to include something they want to prepare for dessert as an addition to their dinner prep, they should identify so and list ingredients.

    A cold stores shop might have to be done in Jindabyne, or at least frozen goods?

    Anyway, these are just suggestions on how to wrangle the food sitch. I am sure there are other ways of skinning the cat?