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Monday, 6 May 2013

Gear Stuff

Contributions to this post should be aimed at everyone sharing ideas about what the best combinations of gear is for the trip i.e. cold water, type of boat to take, spare paddles.


  1. Can I take 2 boats???

    By: Guess who

  2. I think inherently sensible suggestion Furball. I will be taking creeker plus I want to source something with calving lines as well. Will have to see what GRUBS have to offer in this department (or if some other geezer prepared to lend me his calving boat). We will need to work out how many boats are needed then work how to get them there. Ado with trailer... At least 10 boats. My car in the Mic too... Damo

  3. I have ordered stuff from Outdoorplay in the US.

    If anyone is doing an order to MEC please let me know. I have noticed that for some MEC listed gear, Outdoorplay (for example) are cheaper. Pays to have a look if you're leaning that way.

  4. Yeah I'd like to pick up a breakdown paddle and if this works with anyone's order that'd be good. Thinking a Splat Carbon by Aqua-Bound http://aquabound.com/kayak-paddles/whitewater/splat-carbon

    Any suggestions on alternative breakdowns?

  5. The plastic type aqua bound (like scotty and I have) is light and perfectly good unless you wanna spend $ for the sake of spending...

  6. Nevermind, what you are thinking IS what scotty and I have.

  7. Simmo, i like these pogies http://www.outdoorplay.com/NRS-Motion-Mambas-Kayak-Pogies and these pants http://www.outdoorplay.com/Kokatat-Mens-Hydrus-3L-Tempest-Pant

    i think Ado has a pair of these pants. Ado, what do you recon? good?

  8. Dudes, I have an order on hold through Outdoorplay. If you have anything you would like to add to my order let me know asap as I need to finalise it. Send exact details (item,size,colour) to my email address and we can save on freight ($50 freight charge per order).

  9. There is also a small discount when you apply coupon code GRM-2000

  10. Canberra has a great kayak store, Wetspot, with various bits of cold water gear. You might like to give them a call to see what they have.



  11. crew

    having paddled here last year, I can attest to the water being cold. actually, lets re phrase that - its not just cold - its melted ice - its friggen freezing.

    last year, on the river, I wore, from bottom up:
    woollen sox, booties, thermal pants, dry pants, woollen vest, thermal top, 2 x cags, skull cap, and neoprene poggies. we had good weather all trip (ie, only one rainy day) and I still froze. this year, im going to add an armless steamer wetsuit to this costume.

    my main point here is to emphasise the chchchchilly water temps these alpine rivers drop to, so whatever you skimp on, don't skimp on good river gear!!

    some rivers we plan to paddle have very long rapids so a swim could mean upwards of a few minutes in the drink.

    ***i recall hearing a yarn about the upper upper snowy having two (2) rapids with the first being 3km long and the second being 5km long - this yarn is indeed pretty close to the ball!!

    plan to keep warm buddies.

  12. Thanks Seano, great info. some questions...
    Q1 - was it enough to have thermal pants and dry pants to keep your legs warm?
    Q2 - were the pogies enough to keep your hands warm enough or do you recommend gloves as well?
    Q3 - is that yarn about the long rapids on the Upper Upper Snowy grade 2 rapids?

  13. hiya elizabeth

    1 - not really, but my thermal pants were pretty thin lizzy. i'll be bringing a wetty just in case...

    2 - yes. good neoprene pogies are worth their weight in carob bars.

    3 - nope. the first rapid is grade 2+ to 3, boney and tight. the second rapid (after spencers creek) is cont grade 3, with sections of grade 4 here and there. its white knuckle stuff!!

  14. lizard,

    re: point 3. if, on the day we paddle this, there is either, or a combo of:
    * solid snow base on surrounding hills, including nth facing slopes
    * sun shine
    * strong winds, or
    * showers / rains

    then the flow in this section can rise swifter than a Robbie hales first decent out back of Nambour that gets 50mm of rain in 30 mins on saturated soils, yani.

    for this paddle, lets aim to get vehicle shuttle sorted early, and be on the river before 1000. that gives us plenty of time to scout rapids, build snowmen and ski our kayaks out of control down snow slopes to then land in the river - that's a blast!!